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Green Energy UK was rebranded as 100% Green, so this domain snarfed up by a third party as an enviromentally friendly lets get to 100% clean energy in harmony with nature website.
For many months it just redirected to, but then time found to throw together this website, most of links related to energy, and the environment for now.

I wish you to consider switching to 100 Green as your gas supplier for their support for 100% Green Gas. Even though they are more expensive. They offered a tariff audited to high international sustainability standards, call EKO. They have well earned reputation to much quicker to deal with problems than other suppliers. I have also added consumer energy support links below.

I encourage support of Energy For All and other campaigns to cut standing charges and supply essential units of energy based on the household's needs for a given period, reducing so-called self-disconnection for those forced to have prepayment meters.

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