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The CCC has published a letter on Reform of Domestic EPC Rating Metrics.

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The EPC was undermined by chaos of cancelling the whole house sellers pack they were originally meant to be part of, so undermine economics & careers of those providing them, having said that elsewhere there are similar problems. There was very listenable discussion of the French equivalent to EPCs on the Zero Ambitions Podcast. ‘Incompetence still reigns supreme’ in energy ratings: DPE certification, BERs, EPCs and a little bit about ESG. Find in your favourite Podcast App, PocketCasts or Apple PodCasts.

Once EPCs are fit for purpose then rating required before property can be rented out should be increased over time. The market has not delivered investment in building fabric upgrades in private rented sector required even if landlords could recover capital cost through rent. With higher energy prices investment pays for itself in a few years.

Also would be good if Home Energy Monitors could also display carbon intensity now and forecast as well as costs.

National Grid ESO for GB

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